The Blondie front woman bridged the gap between rock and pop like nobody before or since.
The centenary of a fascinating and influential text
Here are the terrific women who almost made my top dozen...
The debut of a new weekly column I'm working on at PJ Media
I can't believe how time flies... but what's next?

February 2023

Dr. Michael Heiser, 1963-2023
There's another novelist in my family tree, and she nearly completely slipped my mind.
Here in the South, winter weather is so wild and crazy that we don't worry too much about what a rodent says.

January 2023

One of the most interesting things about some of the best bands in Southern Rock is that they named themselves after people who weren’t in the band…
This past Saturday was an exciting day. Tens of thousands — maybe hundreds of thousands — of Georgia Bulldog fans gathered on campus to celebrate the…

December 2022

Happy New Year!
Last year, I highlighted the best things I had seen, listened to, and read in 2021. So why not make it an annual tradition? Just like last year, these…